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Sensory Flash Cards - Baby & Toddler
  1. Flash Cards for Ages 0-3 Months: These flash cards are designed to stimulate your baby's developing senses. They feature high-contrast patterns and simple black-and-white images, such as shapes, faces, and animals. These cards help promote visual stimulation and improve your baby's focus and attention.
  2. Flash Cards for Ages 3-6 Months: In this stage, your baby is starting to explore the world around them. Flash cards for this age group usually introduce bright, vibrant colors and larger, simple images. They may depict familiar objects like fruits, toys, and animals, helping your baby develop object recognition and language skills.
  3. Flash Cards for Ages 6-12 Months: At this stage, your baby's cognitive and motor skills are rapidly developing. Flash cards for this age group may have more detailed images and introduce basic concepts like numbers, shapes, and colors. They may also feature familiar faces, emotions, and everyday activities, promoting language development, social skills, and early learning.
  4. Flash Cards for Ages 12-36 Months: As your toddler grows, their curiosity and ability to grasp concepts increase. Flash cards for this age group often focus on building vocabulary, expanding language skills, and promoting cognitive development. They may include images of animals, vehicles, household objects, and simple words, encouraging word recognition, association, and early reading skills.


It's important to note that the age ranges mentioned above are general guidelines, and every child develops at their own pace. Flash cards should always be used under adult supervision and in a fun and engaging manner, keeping the child's individual needs and interests in mind.


Sensory Flash Cards - Baby & Toddler

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